What is VPS Hosting

what is vps hosting


VPS server means virtual private server. It is also known as a virtual private machine. It runs its own operating system. It also has separate ram, storage, CPU etc. and have more disk space. All VPS plans support the latest technologies and come with 24*7 supports in India.


It allows you to have your own allotment of resources whatever you want & will not affect your website. It allows you & your visitors to have a fast load time.


  • Have low cost of ownership because VPS server is less expensive than a dedicated server
  • You have full control over your server
  • Have its own performance& will not be affected by other users like shared hosting.



  • 1 vps server- Ehost provider India’s best vps server services.
  • Security & guarantee we guarantee to give you best and secure server.
  • SLA- Ehost also provides you services level agreement.
  • HIGH SPEED- with Ehost VPS server, the speed of your website will never disappoint you.
  • TECHNICAL SUPPORT- we provide you 24*7 support through emails, calls, and WhatsApp.


VPS hosting will helps you to make business scale high & to make future best of your company.




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